Tosha Maaks

          Tosha is a wife and mother of 4 boys who lives with bipolar disorder, severe ADHD,  delusional disorder and binge eating disorder . Because of her disorders she suffers from severe insomnia. After choosing to further her college education Tosha received two DUIs as a result of medications she had been prescribed by her doctor in the doses prescribed by her doctor. By doing so she landed herself in jail for 30 days in County Jail. As a person who have never been in trouble before she was in disbelief at the care she was given in regards to her mental health while in the justice system both prior to sentencing and while in custody. Afterwards making it her mission to create change.

Jail however turned into a turning point in Tosha's life. It began the Journey to true recovery. She gained true insight on how to be mindful and care for her mental health before all other things in her life. Her recovery sometimes has to take a front row to even the people in her life but if she doesn't choose the path she does she is aware that the consequences would land her in the hospital. She has developed a recovery plan for herself that is costume tailored for her, that allows her to live her life to the fullest, and enjoy what time she has left with her loved ones. She knows that the people in her life get to choose to be in her life and she doesn't want to wake up alone one day. Let Tosha help teach you her approach to recovery and self management. Contact Tosha Today about mentoring and Coaching.

Chris Maaks

          Chris is Tosha’s beloved husband, as a loved one of a person living with mental illness he brings a perspective to the table that so many others know but don’t speak of because of the stigma. Chris Stands by Tosha’s side while she navigates her day to day life with her illness, never faltering and helping her remain in recovery. Where knowing he may never truly understand the disorder because one who does not live it cannot understand it. He strives to give her the unconditional love to let her know she will never be alone in her fight. He wants to make sure all those who find themselves in the situations like that of their own don't have to suffer, by supporting Tosha in her efforts to help others he knows he can help her make a difference in even just one or two lives.